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Here are a few of our favorite sites. You can spend days looking through them or you can spend just a few minutes. Through these links, you will find just about anything the amateur astronomer could wish for or think of. Great place for homework research! List our site in your "Favorites" listings and come back often, we are always adding something new.
 -The Stargeezers

CAS is a local group that is very active and interactive in the community. They have a very informative web site with news, facts, and pictures. Look for their next Star Party.
Out-of-this-world photographs from an out-this-world telescope. This site is full of news and other information. One of the good ones!
Great site! JPL is THE place for space and Earth updates. These people seem to know everything.
Stay on top of the space programs. Here is where you can see what the "Big Boys" are doing. Amazing stuff.
Cool site! Fun for kids young and old. Warning: If you are not careful, you might learn something here.
The National Space and Air Museum is a great research and artifact site. See displays covering over 100 years of flight.
Cool Site! This site was designed for kids to interact with science. Fun and entertaining for the whole family. You might even pick up a science project or two.
As a dedicated group of amateur astronomers, they love working with people of all ages. They feel that everyone should have the opportunity to view the cosmos through a telescope and develop an understanding of the night sky! They are located in the Mansfield Ohio area. Good times to be had for kids young and old.
Get the low down on astronomy gear; telescopes, eyepieces, mounts, and all types of accessories. Great links too! A must for anyone with the slightest interest in astronomy.

Commercial Web Sites

     We own many different types and styles of telescopes and accessories from Celestron, Meade, Odyssey, Orion, and others. They all have their special purposes and functions. We love each and every one of them. Keep one thing in mind when it comes to telescopes... "The best telescope is the one that you will use the most!"
 -The Stargeezers

Classified ads, auctions, forums, and more.
Amateur astronomy web directory.
Atomic clocks and watches accurate to within a billionth of a second in a millennium... you need one!
Thinking about a new scope? Checkout what they have to offer. See their newest products here first. This site is full of tips and advice for your present scope or your new one. We use one in our observatory.
Great scopes! This company pioneered the affordable "GO TO" scopes that is simply "The cat's meow!" Spend your time seeing the stars, not looking for them. We have their 12 in. LX 200 as our main telescope in our observatory. Don't know what we did without it. Meade has other great things too!
Here is where you create your wish list. Their on line catalog is great! Everything you ever needed is a click away. You can learn about different types and styles of telescopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, eye pieces, and more. Helpful tips on which one is for you. You can also sign up on line for their free catalog and they will mail it out quick.

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