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Joe Fiume

      I met Joe in 1980. He was an audiophile (fancy word for stereo nut) and so was I. We both had state-of-the-art sound systems which gave us common ground to hang out together. We both had a love for our Harley Davidson motorcycles and soon toured the countryside together with many other enthusiasts. Joe had gone to Ohio State for a couple of years, and I found him to be quite intelligent... again, more common ground. :-)

     We became best friends and opened a rural pizza business together in 1984. It was located on a desolate road with dark skies. We found out we both had an affection for the stars. One thing led to another, and over the years our hobby grew to the pages you see here.

     About 1990, Joe discovered he had a heart problem. He was a hard worker and would not allow it keep him down. Finally the doctors forced him into retirement. Not one to sit around, he went on to Ohio University where he received his B.A. and Masters degrees. Joe also received several scholastic awards including the National Honor Society.

     On June 24, 2002 Joe let go of life. Joe taught me a lot, but he never taught me to cope with his departure. We all miss you.

"Clear Skies Bro."
Joe In The Observatory
Joseph L. Fiume
1954 - 2002