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Click to open Cybernet Digital Camera
 CyberNet Digital Camera

This is our world famous CyberNet Digital Camera. Through many hours of development, we have come up with a way to use your monitor as a camera lens and your computer as a photo processor. It is still in it's experimental stages, but is completely safe to try. So comb your hair, strike a good pose, and say "Cheeeez!"

The number of Earthlings is now...  

Try your skills at tic-tac-toe
Here is an old favorite... easy to play, hard to win. Give it a go!

Test your response time!
A neat little game to test the quickness of your mouse finger. It's fun, it's easy... Try it!
Click on "Start" first, and wait until the background color changes. As soon as it changes, hit "stop!"
Change background color in:

How about a game of Hangman?
You remember this game, now try it here. Sometimes the easiest words are the hardest.
Score :
Fails (6):

What day were you born on?
Enter a date and it will calculate the day of the week.
When were you born?

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