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This is a private observatory and no longer offers tours.
Hopefully, it will encourage you to build your own and get involved.
The night skies are truly a wonderful experience.
Astronomy is a great hobby with something for everyone. You can split doubles, count binaries, do spectrum analyses, seek planets, asteroids, and comets. You can capture the sky on film, tape, and digitally. Or you can just enjoy viewing meteor showers, lunar and solar eclipses, and much, much, more. The sky is literally the limit!
This web site is not here to teach astronomy, but to make you aware of nature's light show and let you see what some perceive as entertainment. Fancy equipment that you will see here is not necessary, but enthusiasm and perseverance is. Enjoy!
The Hocking Hills Observatory
Visit the Hocking Hills Observatory in it's infancy. See how and why it was created. Learn the story of what the hecklers called "The Shed". Click and enjoy the story of...

Light pollution is quickly gaining on us. To help preserve the night sky, please use motion sensors or switched security lights (if you gotta have one) and shield the light downward.
At one time, we eliminated our fun page. We received e-mail from as far away as England wanting us to bring back the CyberNet Camera. Good news... It's back! Take the time to give it a try, it's really cool! ... <more>

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