The Hocking Hills Observatory

The Telescope

Built and operated by:
Stuart Little
Joe Fiume

The Stargeezers
"The Shed"
The Observatory
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Joe And Stuart With The Meade LX200 12in. Telescope

Here we are installing the new 12in. Meade LX200 telescope in the new observatory. After much discussion with the telescope, it did decide to co-operate. Later we mounted a 4in. Celestron 102HD as a guide scope on the 12in. using the Losmandy mounting rings and rail system. The Losmandy system sounded expensive, but after using it... IT IS A BARGAIN. You'll notice the inside walls are not yet finished. As you can tell by the expression on Joe's face, we were caught off guard by the paparazzo's.


Close-up Of The 12in. Meade LX200

This is a close-up of the Meade LX 200 12in. telescope. The Celestron 102HD refractor mounted on the 12in. is a great guide scope and as a bonus works out well as our Solar scope. Notice the roll off roof and the inside walls are about finished.




Great View

Building the observatory two stories tall gave us a great panoramic view of the skies by night and the wooded hills by day. The Meade LX200 seems to be very happy here.





The Observatory

This is Stuart standing next to our two story observatory. The first floor makes a terrific work shop as well as storage. The second story places the telescope high enough to overlook the surrounding trees. This gave us an optimal view with minimal tree trimming.